“After a car accident (whiplash) in 2001, regular migraines began. The specialists I went to (neurologists, orthopedists, internists in Mexico) said I had to live with migraines and denied the cause could be due to a dislocation in the cervical spine. All warned me against quiropractical (chiropractic) intervention. I lived with eleven years of misery with constant migraines. I went to the best specialists in Germany for a three month treatment that promised some relief. It was not only a financial disaster but an additional disappointment.  Nothing helped. It wasn’t until 2011 that I came across Dr. Youcha at the Rotary Club, and it wasn’t until 2012 that I decided to give it a try. I recall having a period of great discomfort; I thought things were getting worse. But I hung in there. I knew I could trust Dr. Youcha because at least my body was reacting to something.

Christmas 2012 was the most miserable. More new symptoms in the head, ears, …  As of January 2013 things got better. I started having more and more migraine free days, weeks, months! I could say, I now have a life. Migraine attacks are very seldom and they go away fast, a thing that didn’t happen before (when attacks lasted up to 72 hours). I no longer have to hear “migraines are rarely due to a spine problem”. I think chiropractors such as Dr. Youcha should have a special place, the one they deserve, in the medical world.

Thank you Victor!”

—Eliana Herrerias

“I started receiving chiropractic care two years ago. I chose chiropractic care here, because I had previous care in the United Kingdom. The results I experienced here, were immediate reduction in pain and increased movement. Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life, because it  keeps me doing what I want to do. Other benefits I get from chiropractic care are sleeping for longer periods and more energy.

Seeing Dr. Youcha keeps me on the go, out of my wheelchair, and moving. I also appreciate his use of acupuncture and Chinese medicines, both of which I have used in the United Kingdom.”


“I started receiving chiropractic care in June of 2013. Chiropractic care has greatly improved my quality of life. I can do many things now, that I couldn’t do prior to receiving chiropractic care. The health benefits that I have gotten, other than pain reduction, are that I feel stronger and much better.

Over 4 years ago I was hit in the back of my car. My neck was very affected which in turn caused problems throughout all of my body. I slowly improved, but I still had many problems. A friend told me to see Dr. Victor Youcha, and since my first visit I started to improve. It is still going to take me more time, but if I had found Dr. Youcha sooner, I would not have suffered for such a long time. I am very happy as I feel like I am getting my life back. Because of my accident I had poor quality of life, and now I feel that I have a chance to get back to the person I was.”

—Ann Whiting

“I first began using chiropractic many years ago in Marin County,  as it was getting a lot of praise from my friends. I have had a neck injury since 1969 and it really helped increase my energy level and release tension. I hadn’t used chiropractic for many years until being referred to Dr. Youcha, when my neck pain became unbearable. After just one treatment, the tension was gone and I felt like a new man.  More flexible with increased energy.

The doctor is very good at diagnosis and is very confident in his application of therapy. He is a kind person with a great background. His teachers include Native Americans and Eastern philosophers. A dynamic combo to be sure!”

—Bill Hawk

“I have been a patient of Dr. Youcha for approximately three years. His treatments last one half hour and always start with an assessment and remind me a lot of my treatments with my physiotherapist back home in Canada. He reassesses me several times during the visit and his treatments are very gentle. I prefer not having chiropractic adjustments, and he does so only when absolutely necessary.

I am very satisfied with Dr. Youcha and recommend him highly.”

—Gisele Barrette

“I was suffering from numbness and painful tingling in both feet and, once in a while, in my hands and arms. After many very expensive tests, I was diagnosed by three different neurologists as having idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. As you may know “idiopathic”  means the cause cannot be determined. After the diagnosis, I lived over a year with this condition, taking expensive supplements recommended by the doctors and not drinking alcohol, a big sacrifice. I lived without hope.

I explained my condition to a very wise diagnostician in internal medicine in Guadalajara, and he was quick to discern, and confirm with tests, that the cause of my problem was not neuropathy, but my spine. At least I now had a cause. But what was the solution? The last thing I wanted was surgery.

So, upon recommendation by neighbors, I sought out a chiropractor for the first time in my life. His name,  Dr. Victor Youcha. As soon as I walked into his office, Dr. Youcha saw I had a posture problem that involved walking with my head forward and stooped and putting my weight on the front of my feet when I walked. He gave me exercises to do, recommended reading material, and most importantly manipulated my feet and back. After 3 or 4 months, I was back to normal, as far as my feet go, without medication or expensive supplements; and I can now enjoy one or two glasses of wine again with a meal. Dr. Youcha has solved a problem that I had thought was insoluble.  I respect and thank him.”

—Jim Rizzo

“During the years, I would seek chiropractic care, but it wasn’t until I saw Dr. Victor Youcha in 2010 that I began chiropractic treatment and have continued until present (2013). I had a sore hip with pain and difficulty walking. After a series of treatments, my hip pain was gone and Dr. Youcha could start focusing on my posture problem. Results came at a rate I expected, considering the years I have had a posture problem. I feel so much better. My spine has freed up. I am able to stand straight. I feel very positive about my treatments and how wonderful my body feels. I am more flexible and feel good. No aches and pains at 69. Thank you Victor. You are important to my ongoing health.”

—Connie Jolly

“I have had chiropractic care since the late 1970’s when I was a race walker and would go to the team doctor to keep my body flexible and moving correctly. Chiropractic care has always seemed the most logical choice –  to have a back specialist take care of back-related problems.

I have been seeing Dr. Youcha for about 4 months. I feel very lucky that after 4 years in Mexico, I have found a chiropractor that can help me get my body lined up. Not just temporary, but he is giving me the tools to work on myself, strengthen muscles, and I’m learning how it feels to be in the correct position. I have improved greatly, not at the rate I had wished for, but at the rate that my body could accept the changes. The main improvement that I have noticed is that I can do more, I can garden, clean, and just stand for longer periods of time without the pain in my lower back that used to make me need to sit or lie down after only a few minutes.

Before, doctors would hand me a sheet of stretches and that would be all. Dr. Youcha gives me exercises, shows me how to do them, and follows up at each consult to see that I have been doing them. I find that I am sleeping better I think, because the neck exercises have strengthened the muscles, and I don’t wake up with neck pain every morning.

I’m very happy with my results so far and am looking forward to continued improvements because, when my back feels good, I can enjoy everything else in my life a lot more. The techniques that Dr. Youcha uses help to move my vertebras move back to where they belong without any extreme movements or pain. During each treatment, I can feel my body relaxing as it moves back into alignment, and it keeps getting easier as my body relearns how it is supposed to be positioned.”

—Marjorie Nath

“I’m 72 years old. I have used Chiropractic care since 2007 after straining my back caring for my invalid father. Treatment in Asheville, NC, alleviated the constant pain and restricted mobility I experienced.

I moved to Lakeside in 2009. Over a three-year period, the back pain gradually began to return. I tried two different chiropractors, one in Chapala and another in Guadalajara. Their manipulations were not what I had experienced in Asheville, no improvement, and I gave up.

Dr. Aceves recommended I try Dr. Youcha in Ajijic. Over the last 8 months my pain has disappeared. Dr. Youcha’s techniques are on the professional level of what I had experienced in Asheville, and I thank him for the relief he has given me. I visit his office bi-weekly. Now I can move around more comfortably during the day and sleep more restfully at night.”

—Woody Haas

“I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Youcha about 2 years ago. I have always used chiropractic care, but the results since seeing Dr. Youcha are that it has made me feel so much better. It has improved my quality of life by enabling me to live better with my back problem. Now I am able to do many more exercises than before. I am now having better sleep and have more energy. I believe Dr. Youcha is a wonderful chiropractor, better than I had in the U.S. He has made me feel so much better, even better than than I have felt in a long time. Thanks Dr. Youcha.”

—Barbara Harbacht

Whenever we are each trying to find a new provider for Chiropractor Services, we are always faced with the same questions;
Does this provider have the skills and experience to improve my overall health?
How is his/her bedside manner?
Is the fee structure such that I receive good value?
Has he/she in fact improved my overall health?
Four months ago my wife and I moved from the States to Ajijic, and we wanted to continue our lifelong chiropractic experience. The first provider emphasized his low cost, but sadly his skills and commitment to our health were found lacking, in our opinion.
And then we heard a presentation by Dr. Victor Jack Youcha at the Open Circle, Lake Chapala Society. He was the most knowledgeable, scientific, educated, experienced Chiropractor we had ever experienced, and we arranged an initial evaluation, followed by a series of adjustments. The impact of those visits on our overall health, posture, and well being has been life changing; we will be walking taller, straighter, and in a more healthy way for the rest of our lives, which may well be longer as a result of his care.
And so, the answers to the four questions are: Yes, Wonderful, Yes, and a resounding Yes!
If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to call us @ 376-766-7038.
John and Lauretta Thebault

—John and Lauretta Thebault

Our Services Include:

  • Manual Treatment through Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Biomechanic and Functional Movement Evaluation

  • Orthopedic Evaluation

  • Neurological Evaluation as Related to Chiropractic Care

  • Soft Tissue Therapies

  • Acupuncture

  • Exercise Recommendations

  • Posture Training

  • Diet and Nutrition Recommendations